Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

Where are Natural Instinct products made?

Our philosophy is Australian Made with the exception of our Natural Instinct Facial Wipes which we source from a reputable international supplier to deliver against our Natural Instinct Ingredient Standard.

How do I locate my nearest Natural Instinct stockist?

To enquire about your nearest stockist please click here to visit our stockists page

Does Natural Instinct ship overseas?

Yes, we ship internationally. During Checkout, click on Calculate Shipping and select the country you would like your parcel delivered to.

Product Information

Where can I find ingredient lists for all Natural Instinct products?

All products on this website list all ingredients for each product. The Natural Instinct range has all of the ingredients printed on the products packaging including our sunscreens which are not mandatory but we are totally transparent of what is in all of our products so we have all of the ingredients on pack. The only exception being our 50mL Tinted Face Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 due to limitation of print area. Please refer to our website for the full ingredient list.

Is the Natural Instinct range gluten free?

The following products may contain traces of gluten and are therefore NOT gluten free:

  • Hair care range (Shampoo’s & Conditioner’s)
  • Body Lotion
  • Hand & Nail Cream

We recommend any customers with gluten allergies to contact their GP before using the above products on their skin.

All remaining products in the Natural Instinct range are gluten free.

We do recommend for any product to complete a patch test before use.

Are all foaming Natural Instinct products soap free?

Yes! All of our foaming products, such as body washes, shampoos and cleansers are soap free.

Are Natural Instinct products dermatologically tested?

Our Natural Instinct Face Care range has been dermatologically tested for irritancy and found to be non-irritating. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, it’s advisable that you read the ingredient labels, consult their GP and perform a patch test prior to product use.

What Ingredients do you use in your formulation?

Our products are formulated with quality plant-derived ingredients, certified organics extracts and pure essential oils.

Ingredient sources for all face skincare, body care and hair care products are highlighted in the ingredient listing on the product label and on our website product page with the following references:

*Certified Organic Source
^ Botanical Source
~ Essential Oil Component
# Approved for Certified Organic Products

Detoxify your skin and enjoy using truly natural products with the assurance of our Natural Instinct Ingredient Standard.

Your products don’t have expiry dates, how long can I keep them for?

The Natural Instinct face, body and hair care products are classified as ‘Cosmetic Skin Care’ products and by law do not require an expiry date. We do recommend using the product within 12 months after opening. All packaging has a period after opening symbol like the below.

12 month icon

In regards to sunscreens in our range they do have an expiry date. Generally sunscreens remain effective for 3 years from the date of manufacture. The expiry date can be found on the back top of the tube. EXP 00/00.

Are your products or ingredients tested on animals?

Natural Instinct products are not tested on animals.

Is Natural Instinct suitable for Vegans?

Our face, body and hand products are 100% vegan; free from animal derivatives and by-products. You’ll find the ‘Vegan Friendly’ logo on our product labels.

The only exceptions are;

  1. The Natural Instinct sunscreen range which contains Beeswax. Beeswax is an animal by-product and ensures the product is water resistant for 3 hours.
  2. The Natural Instinct Instinct hair care range which incorporates conditioning honey, an ultra-moisturising extract that penetrates the hair shaft with excellent moisture binding capabilities to deeply condition hair.

Do you purchase Palm Oil from sustainable sources?

We do not use Palm Oil directly in our products, however several ingredients are made using Palm Oil. For those ingredients we only use suppliers who are members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (visit  This means that the only Palm Oil which is used in the supply chain to make Natural Instinct products is from sustainable sources.

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