Natural Instinct Ingredient Standard

Know more, because its on your skin.

We have created our Natural Instinct Ingredient Standard at the heart of our brand philosophy to keep us honest!

The Natural Instinct Ingredient Standard is a benchmark of naturalness and effectiveness in face, body and hair care.  It is an initiative set by Natural Instinct to ensure you are provided with high quality performing naturally-derived ingredients. As the name implies, the Natural Instinct Ingredient Standard is just as much about the natural ingredients we put in, as it is about the 400+ man-made synthetic chemicals we choose to exclude. It emphasises our commitment to only using carefully selected, high quality plant-derived ingredients.

DOWNLOAD the Natural Instinct Ingredient Standard which lists all 400+ man-made synthetic chemicals we choose to exclude from our natural skincare range.

Our facecare, bodycare and haircare range are crafted according to our unique authenticity standard and are:

100% free of toxic sulphates, parabens & over 400 man made synthetic chemicals

Free From:

Parabens & PEGs
Artificial Fragrances & Colours
Propylene Glycol
Mineral Oils
& Over 400 man-made synthetic chemicals

Organic Icon

EcoCert Approved:

We use EcoCert approved ingredients.

Ingredients with an asterisk (*) are organically certified with the OFC, ACO (Australian bodies).

Ingredients we exclude:

We exclude over 400 man-made synthetic chemicals.

Natural Sunscreen Bees Wax

Vegan face & body care range:

Our face care and body care products do not contain animal derivatives.

Our sunscreens contain natural beeswax to achieve 3 hours water resistance.

Our hair care range incorporates conditioning honey, an ultra-moisturising extract that penetrates the hair shaft with excellent moisture binding capabilities to deeply condition hair.