An interview with Gorgi Coghlan about skincare

October 15, 2015

Does ‘healthy lifestyle’ just mean eating your vegetables and going for a run? Or does it extend to what you put on your face? As I’ve become a bit skincare crazy during this Natural Instinct series, I thought I’d better ask someone who has an envious skincare and health routine, TV presenter for Network Ten’s The Project, Gorgi Coghlan. That’s why I was so interested to find out what she puts on her skin each day.

Q: Gorgi you have ravishing skin, you really do. I want to know every little detail about what you put on it each day, every day.

A: I turned 40 in August and as I’ve gotten older I do less and less with my skin. In the morning I put on a vitamin B serum to help repair my cells, followed by a zinc 30+ sunscreen. I don’t wear any make-up unless I’m on camera for The Project.

Q: You have a very healthy lifestyle – you live on a farm and are active a lot – but what do you specifically do to stay healthy?

A: I cut out sugar from my diet around five months ago, along with coffee and dairy and I feel incredible. I very rarely drink alcohol and I take a daily zinc supplement after brekkie, which makes me feel alert and mentally healthy. I regularly have acupuncture sessions with my wonderful Chinese medicine specialist too.

Q: You used to be an Equestrian – a very good one so I’ve been told – how did you protect your skin when you competed or rode your horse on a day to day basis?

A: In hindsight I should have been more diligent with my sunscreen. I recently had a biopsy on my nose and the cells were just starting to change into something nasty, so I’m super strict with zinc now.

Q: What do you do each week to get a hit of nature?

A: II live on a farm and love to garden and ride my horses to re-connect with Mother Nature. It’s a beautiful contrast to the TV studio. When I’m working, I always take roses and other flowers from my garden into the make-up girls so that I’ve always got a visual connection to my home.

Q: As a mum what products do you allow your daughter to use?

A: My daughter is only four and a half so no demands for beauty products yet! But I only use organic, natural bubble bath and cleansing lotion and I wash her hair with [a natural] shampoo and conditioner. The less chemicals I can expose her to the better.

Q: Are you concerned about using chemicals on her skin?

A: Yes, we always choose natural products.

Q: How have the products you use on your skin changed in the past 10 years?

A: I don’t just buy any ‘brands’ now – and I only use natural products if anything at all and my skin has never been better. My lifestyle and diet affect the quality of my skin, not how much money I spend on big brands.

Q: If you could recommend one thing to your younger self about skincare – what would it be?

A: Less is more. Go natural sister and ALWAYS put on the zinc sunscreen.


By Mia Freeman

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