Ashley’s 6 Week Challenge Journey

September 04, 2018

ASHLEY – Youth Counsellor

Ashley - Before the 6 week challenge

Ashley's post

Sensitive, Red Skin 

"My skin is glowing & pimples are completely gone, it’s so smooth and I haven’t had any problems with sensitivity. It is balanced, redness has settled and my skin just feels even and clean. Definitely my new go-to skincare routine."

Ashley, a youth counsellor, joined the 6 Week Natural Skincare Challenge to see if she could improve her skin problems. With a combination skin type, she experienced redness and breakouts that took a long time to clear. She also wanted to see if the products would help reduce the dark circles under her eyes.

Within a week, she started to notice changes in her skin – her skin went from dull and dry to a glowing and hydrated complexion. The minor breakouts she was experiencing started to clear.

A few weeks into the challenge, Ashley began to see a reduction in redness and her skin tone started to even out. She found that her makeup was easier to apply and stayed on well. Ashley admitted it took her some time to get used to using the a pure oil cleanser, but was glad she stuck with it and found that it helped balance out the oil production on her skin and even out her skin tone.

The end result of her 6 week challenge journey – Ashley’s pimples disappeared, redness settled, skin tone evened out and it just felt clean and glowing!


Ashley - After the 6 week challenge



If you want to try the Natural Instinct 6 Week Challenge Routine for yourself, the beauty pack is available online – but hurry it is only while stock lasts!

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