September 01, 2020

Did you know that Australia generates about 67 million tonnes of waste every year? While two thirds of that comes from commercial industries, the rest is household waste, which Australians aren’t recycling as much as they should be.

It’s pretty shocking, isn’t it? And it’s easy to feel helpless when there are numbers like that involved, but we’re here to tell you that small changes can make a big impact. Leading a zero-waste lifestyle starts in the home, with the products we use and our recycling habits.

When it comes to beauty, choosing products with natural, plant-derived ingredients, like the Natural Instinct range, is the first step towards reducing your individual impact and carbon footprint. The next best thing you can do is upcycle your empty containers so that you’re putting less waste into landfill. When your face creams and oils run out, why not hold onto the small pots, jars and bottles to reuse for other purposes? You would be amazed by the creative ways you can upcycle your empty beauty products – and you’ll save money in the process, so it’s really a win-win! Here are a few crafty ideas to get you started.

Turn your Pink Clay Mask container into… a mini plant pot

The great thing about this little glass jar is that it can be transformed into just about anything, including a quirky planter. All you have to do is remove the label (soaking the jar in vinegar will do the trick) and layer the base with small stones to assist with drainage. You could paint the outside of the jar in a funky colour if you like, or go with plain glass if you prefer to keep it simple. Then add soil and plant something cute that isn’t going to require a lot of room, like a succulent or cactus. You could even suspend it with twine to create an adorable hanging planter!

Turn your Activated Charcoal Mask container into… a bathroom holder

These pots are excellent for upcycling into bathroom holders because they can store just about anything, from cotton buds to makeup brushes and toothbrushes. Make your bathroom holder stylish with a hot glue gun and white rope. Simply wrap the outside of the container with the rope until you’ve covered every inch of the glass, hot gluing it in place as you go. When you’re done, don’t be surprised if visitors ask where your elegant new homeware came from.

Turn your Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil bottle into…. a flower vase

This tiny glass bottle can be recycled into an adorable flower vase. The tinted glass also gives it a nice rustic look, so all you really need to do is remove the labelling and add water. It’s a lovely, subtle way to decorate a windowsill or desk.

Turn your Vitamin C + Camellia Oil bottle into… a refillable perfume bottle

Make sure you thoroughly soak the bottle to remove all traces of oil before pouring in your favourite perfume. But it’s really that easy. Just throw it in your purse and you have a portable 25ml bottle of perfume – how cool is that?

Upcycling is all about changing your mindset. Next time you’re about to throw away an empty beauty jar or container, reconsider your options. Think about how you could reimagine that container into something practical for your home with a little DIY know-how. Not only will upcycling help you feel better about your impact on the environment, but it’s also a fun new hobby that will make your home décor uniquely yours.



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