December 10, 2019

6 Week Challenge... a GLOWING success!

This year’s Natural Instinct 6 week challenge was a GLOWING success. Many beautiful ladies switched up their routines to try Natural Instinct, take some time out for themselves and to learn some good skin care habits. The results?... Happy faces and BEAUTIFUL skin.

Over 1,000 beauties joined our supportive community to try our products over a 6 week period. We wanted real women to see the amazing results you can achieve from switching to a naturally derived skincare routine.

It is easy to get stuck in a synthetic skincare rut. So many products on the shelf – even those that appear natural – are packed with synthetic ingredients that over time can build up in the skin, giving it an unhealthy and dull appearance. Not to mention the fact that these harsh synthetics can absorb into the body over time.

The 6 week natural skincare challenge provided an opportunity for people to trial natural skincare products, build great skincare habits and discover why natural is better for you and the health of your skin. For many it proved how nature’s most powerful ingredients could deliver incredible smoothing, clarifying, anti-ageing and radiant results.

Check out the journey of three of our beauties...

Before & After


We provided the challengers with 4 products – Pink Clay Cleanser, Radiance Mist, Plump & Renew Serum + Skin Radiance Moisturiser. These were used day and night for a 6 week period and our challengers observed and shared their results with us.


After the challenge concluded we asked the 6 Week Challengers questions about their natural skincare journey. This allowed us to determine what the products did for them and how it changed their skin.

    • 95% had an improvement in hydration, brightness and radiance

    • 94% intend to continue using the Natural Instinct routine

    • 71% saw visible results in just 2 weeks

    • 70% had an improvement in fine lines, skin elasticity & firmness

    • After the 6 weeks, 95% NOW believe NATURAL works just as well or BETTER than synthetic skincare products


    Natural Instinct is available from our online store


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