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December 01, 2017

Natural Instinct recently hosted the first 6 week Natural Skincare Challenge in New Zealand. Consumers were invited to join the challenge and trial a selection of the Natural Instinct face care range over a 6 week period. All participants received a gorgeous beauty parcel with 4 products. They were asked to observe changes to their skin during the challenge and share the results with Natural Instinct.

The products, which formed a 4-step natural skincare routine included:

Step 1: Replenishing Cream Cleanser

Step 2: Plump & Renew Serum

Step 3: Dark Circle + Wrinkle Correction Eye Crème

Step 4: Nourishing Facial Moisturiser

Prior to commencing, all participants were encouraged to patch test the products. The Natural Instinct range is dermatologically tested, however a patch test is always recommended when trialing any new skincare products to test for sensitivities. The challenge kicked off with great enthusiasm and everyone embraced the routine.

The 4 steps were recommended to be used twice daily as a day and night skincare routine. We were on hand providing live assistance and advice whilst our challengers eased into the routine. The 6 week challenge was a huge success and this is what some of our consumer panel had to say about the skin results they achieved.



Rebecca Sheppard

"Definitely noticed the dark circles under my eyes are much reduced, plus the fine lines around my eyes and mouth seem reduced too (easier to see if I am not smiling). I have enjoyed using the [Natural Instinct skincare] products, and it’s been good to get into a proper skincare routine, I know I’ll be pleased a few years down the track if I keep it up!"



Kim Jones

"Went to have a facial yesterday. My beautician said my wrinkles have reduced and the puffiness in my eyes have improved. When I told my beautician about the Natural Instinct 6 Week Challenge; she claimed it was the facial that did the trick. Ha ha. I’m sure it’s the Plump + Renew Serum. I really like the Restoring Night Cream [additional to the routine]. Perhaps it’s more suitable for a mature face like mine."



Michelle Sankey

"I loved doing this challenge thank you. I managed to stick to the routine day and night for the whole 6 weeks and I believe I will continue to do the same routine going forward.

Replenishing Cream Cleanser – is rich, easy to use and smells lovely. Leaves my skin moisturised and not dry at all.

Plump and Renew Serum – feels amazing, fresh and tightens my skin instantly. Smells like summer and is just divine. I believe this is the product responsible for my hyper-pigmentation fading (along with Sun protection).

Dark Circle and Wrinkle Correction Eye Crème – instantly tightens, this product has given me the biggest changes in the 6 week challenge. No puffiness and my eye bags have GONE! I look more radiant and awake!

Nourishing Moisturiser – is super cheap but super good! Light and soaks in straight away. Smells good and doesn’t feel greasy at all.

Restoring Night Cream [an additional choice for night skincare routine] – feels more luxurious than the day cream. I like the packaging more too. Feels clean to apply, soaks in with no grease and smells great too.

Tinted Face Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 – is AMAZING! It has prevented my pigmentation getting worse a problem I have every time I usually go in the sun even for 2 minutes. It doesn’t feel like other SPF’s and I love the colour. I wear it every single day and I will do all summer. This plus a cream blusher and that’s my make-up and protection done! Easy!

Overall I love Natural Instinct products and I’m very grateful I got to do this challenge. I needed it and I feel great (I think I’m looking great too! hehe) so thank you."



Alison Barkier

"I have really enjoyed the products and even with my crazy lifestyle I have managed to keep up the routine and have really enjoyed the products – the cream cleanser has been a challenge for me because I struggle with acne and feel like my skin needs to be scrubbed clean to help clear the acne, when actually the opposite is probably true and so I have probably been over cleansing (yes still things to learn at 35 years of age!) and after my big breakout last week I have tried to be gentler to help recover. The serum is amazing and have just bought more along with the scrub and I liked the moisturiser too and will keep using it. Thanks for the challenge!"



Rachel Blanchette

"I am so thankful for this challenge. I find myself buying things for the kids rather than myself (as we do) so buying a whole skincare range would have never happened any time soon. I love the products and will definitely continue using them. My main concerns before the challenge were hydration and fine lines. My skin is feeling much more hydrated and I believe it has helped improve my complexion, tone and pigmentation. My favourite products would be the Dark Circle and Wrinkle Correction Eye Crème and the Invigorating Facial Scrub [additional to the routine]. I find that my eye area is less puffy and much smoother. My skin feels lovely and soft after using the natural face scrub. I think my skin really needed it to complement the other products and remove the old skin. In saying that, I’ve found all of the products lovely. The Replenishing Cream Cleanser is easy to use, the Plump and Renew Serum feels nice going on and gives a firmness to my skin which is then softened by the Eye Cream and Nourishing Facial Moisturiser. I will also invest in the Restoring Night Cream as I think my skin will enjoy the extra hydration. I will be recommending these products to friends and family. It is very important to me that there are no nasties being penetrated into our bodies, the price is very reasonable and the products are lovely. Thank you again Natural Instinct."



Becks Hunt

"This has been a bit of a turning spot in my life. Having a two year old who doesn’t sleep well and loss of energy and feeling blah, but by making time for myself and looking after my skin has really turned my whole self-esteem around for the better. I am feeling more confident in my skin, with how my skin looks and feels. Although in the photo I have had a hormonal outbreak and my eyes still look tired, my skin has really improved. It is so smooth especially around my jawline where I had loads of little bumps under the skin. I think some of my fine lines have reduced especially my smile line. My eyes are definitely less puffy most of the time and look younger in my opinion. I have had comments that my skin is looking good and clear. Thank you so much for picking me for this trial. I will continue on with the routine."



Tanya Collier

"Totally amazed by the results! I still didn’t quite get the twice a day thing happening but comparing with the week 1 picture I can clearly see the changes. Love the pigmentation evening out, which is what I was after. Bonus having my under eye creases diminish somewhat. The pimples have now gone and my skin feels great! Thanks Natural Instinct, you have a convert in me!"


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