Star Beauty: Snapchat with Laura Dundovic

January 06, 2017

The model and television presenter tells Toni Hynes why she prefers a natural approach to beauty and health.

You have beautiful skin. What are your secrets?

I keep my skincare completely natural. Beautiful skin is hydrated, clean, fresh and plump. I also choose a healthy lifestyle. I drink lots of water, eat a plant heavy diet and get plenty of fresh air.

What expert tips have you adopted?

No matter the expert, the tip is always to cleanse every night. It’s essential for good skin and for great makeup. If the base – your skin – isn’t cared for, the results will show. Take the time to wash off your makeup every night and follow with a good skincare regimen. A cleanser that gets rid of daily oil, grime and makeup without leaving skin dry is a keeper.

How do you prepare for a shoot or runway event?

Shoots and runway events often mean very long days, so I ensure I’m well rested. I had chronic fatigue for a few years, so sleep is really important. I also amp up my workouts, too.

You’re a big believer in natural products. Any favourites?

A new favourite is the Natural Instinct Plump + Renew Serum. I use it just after cleansing, morning and night, on my face, neck and decolletage.

Any travel essentials?

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Skin protection was drummed into me from a young age. Plus, I’m always outside either working or working out, so I always want SPF protection. My other essential is a nourishing lip balm.

Tips for time-poor women?

Find products that work while you sleep. I’m talking eye creams, serums and hair conditioners.

How do you switch off?

I treat myself everyday to some “me time”. I’ll often cook fresh food for myself which I find relaxing.


Source: Who Weekly November 2016 issue, with Toni Hynes

Snapchat with Laura Dundovic | Natural Beauty Edit | Natural Instinct

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