The 6 Week Natural Skincare Challenge Results

September 05, 2018

We asked hundreds of women to join our supportive community and try our truly natural products over a 6 week period. We wanted real women to see the amazing results you can get from switching to a non-toxic, pure skincare routine. Read on to hear their stories …

It is easy to get stuck in a synthetic skincare rut. So many products on the shelf – even those that appear natural – are packed with synthetic ingredients that over time can build up in the skin, giving it an unhealthy and dull appearance. Not to mention the fact that these harsh synthetics can absorb into the body over time.

Natural Instinct 6 week challenge - proven results tested by real women

The 6 week natural skincare challenge provided an opportunity for people to trial natural skincare products, build great skincare habits and discover why natural is better for you and the health of your skin and body. For many it proved how nature’s most powerful ingredients could deliver incredible smoothing, clarifying, anti-ageing and truly radiant results.


The SKINCARE regime

We provided the challengers with 4 products – all you need for a day and night skincare regime. These were used day and night for a 6 week period and our challengers observed and shared their results with us.

Step 1:
Skin Refining Cleansing Oil

Step 2:
Plump and Renew Serum

Step 3 (Day):
Skin Radiance Facial Moisturiser

Step 3 (Night):
Vitamin C + Camellia Oil


The PROVEN Results:

After the challenge concluded we asked the 6 Week Challengers questions about their natural skincare journey. This allowed us to determine what the products did for them and how it changed their skin.


  • 95% had an improvement in hydration, brightness and radiance

  • 94% intend to continue using the Natural Instinct routine

  • 71% saw visible results in just 2 weeks

  • 70% had an improvement in fine lines, skin elasticity & firmness

  • After the 6 weeks, 95% NOW believe NATURAL works just as well or BETTER than synthetic skincare products


Read about some REAL experiences!

The 6 Week Challengers were amazing at keeping us up to date with their results along the way. Posting a makeup-free before photo and weekly update images, we were able to track real time results.  Here are some of their stories…



LOUISE – Uni Student

Louise - Before the 6 week challenge

Oily, Acne Prone Skin

“I used to have painful acne and was often embarrassed. I’m beyond impressed with how well these products have worked for me. I feel so confident with how my skin looks. Smooth, glowing and even! Words cannot express how happy I am to have found products that actually work.”



Louise - After the 6 week challenge



ASHLEY – Youth Counsellor

Ashley - Before the 6 week challenge

Sensitive, Red Skin 

“My skin is glowing and pimples are completely gone, it’s so smooth and I haven’t had any problems with sensitivity. It is balanced, redness has settled and my skin just feels even and clean. Definitely my new go-to skincare routine.”



Ashley - After the 6 week challenge



ANITA – Teacher

Anita - Before the 6 week challenge

Dry, Dull Skin 

“My skin was dry and dull, no radiance & minor spots here and there. I now have firm, youthful & hydrated skin that I feel comfortable leaving the house with. I now think ‘Yeah – I’m almost 30 and yeah my skin is great'”


Anita - After the 6 week challenge



Get your 6 Week Challenge Pack

If you want to try the Natural Instinct 6 Week Challenge Routine for yourself, the beauty pack is available online – But hurry it is only while stock lasts!


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