Ways to make your home resemble Vogue Living

July 14, 2015

Without killing the planet in the process. It would be nice to wake up in a perfectly-styled Beverly Hills mansion or a French chateau every day. But unless you’re a Kardashian, the reality is probably closer to a tiny inner-city flat (which you pay ridiculous rent for, by the way). But here’s the good news: there are some simple ways to make even the tiniest spaces more stylish and elegant. True story.

Here’s our top six suggestions for injecting a little style into your digs - and as an extra bonus, they won’t send you bankrupt and they’re good for the planet. You are so welcome.

1. Recycle old bottles for flower arrangements

It’s amazing how great these can look considering how simple it is to pull off. Just hang on to a collection of old glass bottles or find some at your nearest op shop. Give them a good wash, then buy a cheap bunch of assorted flowers form your local market. Pop one stem in each bottle and voila – instant style.

2. Buy beeswax candles

There’s nothing better than a good scented candle to make your home look and feel cosy and chic, but unfortunately, most of the candles on the market are made from paraffin, which is a toxic petrochemical by-product. The solution? Opt for beeswax candles, which are healthier and more sustainable. And when it comes to your beauty and skincare products, look for items that come with the bare minimum of packaging (and are 100 per cent recyclable too).

3. Go solar

If you have a balcony or outdoor area, it can be transformed by good lighting. Think fairy lights, decorative lamps and garden bed lights. Opt for ones that are solar powered where possible and do your bit for the environment. You don’t have to be super creative or handy to recycle an old piece of furniture that just needs some TLC. If you can wield a piece of sandpaper and a paintbrush, you can makeover an old table or chair and the best part is you can make it match your space exactly. Op shops and garage sales can be gold mines.

4. Indoor plants

Indoor plants have been shown to boost happiness and wellbeing and you can get really creative here. Plant some greenery in second-hand, mismatching pots and pop some randomly on shelves, wall units and benches – but also have fun with terrariums and wall hangings, using recycled glass containers. It’s quick, easy, cheap and good for the environment and will transform your space, guaranteed.

5. Go op shopping

As we mentioned before, op shops are a great place to find furniture and old bottles, but also interesting pieces of crockery. They don’t have to match – in fact, it is better if it doesn’t. Mismatching plates and bowls create an eclectic, no-fuss but stylish look.

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