What is a good eye cream for reducing Dark Circles?

June 12, 2018

What should you look for in an eye cream?

An eye cream should be a lightweight yet powerful formula which will lift, firm and strengthen the delicate skin around the eye contour area. It should provide intense hydration to smooth the skin and increase suppleness. Importantly an eye cream will also help to reduce puffiness, decrease dark circles and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Consider an eye cream that is sourced from natural, botanic ingredients to safely soothe and nurture the paper-thin skin around your eyes. Quite simply, an eye cream should create smooth, resilient skin and eye radiance without the use of chemical nasties! An effective eye cream does not need to cost the earth, look for a natural eye cream that suits your budget. Prevention is always better than cure, so using an eye cream before fine lines and wrinkles appear is great preparation for later years.

How long do eye creams take to work?

The Dark Circle + Wrinkle Correction Eye Crème was voted Product of the Year, Best Eye Cream award by Australian consumers in 2018 because it is highly effective and delivers excellent results after just four to six weeks of daily application. In fact, testing showed this powerful plant-based formula improved and strengthened the skin barrier by up to 20% after just four weeks of use** and 93% of women surveyed achieved a reduction in wrinkles and dark circles after just six weeks of use*.

What are the best eye creams for dark circles in Australia?

According to a 2018 Nielsen survey of 13,500 consumers, the Dark Circle + Wrinkle Correction Eye Crème rates top of the list! It contains plant extracts, Troxerutin and Coffee Seed Oil, which are powerful botanical sources containing natural anti-inflammatory properties to boost skin cell renewal and reduce dark circles. The Dark Circle + Wrinkle Correction Eye Crème also contains soothing Aloe Vera to nurture the eye contour area as well as Saccharide Isomerate (also known as Pentavitin), a natural skin hydrator which helps to create soft and smooth skin around the eyes.

What is the ideal age to start using eye creams?

While expert opinion differs, when it comes to preventing the signs of aging, the sooner we start using an eye cream the better! Ideally begin using an eye cream in your early twenties, before any fine lines or wrinkles begin to show. As we age our skin becomes dehydrated and loses elasticity; that’s when wrinkles appear. Besides age, our environment also plays a part in how fast we age. Our harsh Australian climate, diminishing Ozone layer, high UV levels and extreme temperature variations can damage and dehydrate the skin. So it is wise to protect our skin with hydrating, anti-ageing skin products from a young age. Keeping the delicate skin around our eyes hydrated and nourished long before wrinkles begin to form will help to keep crow’s feet at bay for longer.

How should eye creams be applied?

The skin around our eyes is so fragile, hence experts advise using our ring finger to apply our eye cream simply because it has the lightest touch and will exert the least pressure. Lightly tap the cream in small dots around the orbital bone, which we know as the eye socket. Keep tapping the cream around the eye socket until it is absorbed, ensuring you don’t rub or pull on the delicate skin. Remember when it comes to eye creams, less is more. Half a pea sized amount is plenty for each eye! Don’t get heavy handed because you will over-saturate and clog the skin. Slathering eye cream all over our eyelids is also not recommended. It will spread as it comes into contact with the warmth of our skin. Keep to the line of the eye socket, both beneath and above the eye.

*Tested under dermatological skin specialist control – 30 women after 6 weeks of application of the product.
**Based on in vivo studies conducted by DSM of 1% of Saccharide Isomerate.


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