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What are the benefits of exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the removal of dry, dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. It is an important component of your skincare regime and provides a range of benefits which result in smoother, healthier, younger-looking skin.

When you exfoliate the subsequent removal of dead skin cells means that your other skincare products can penetrate more deeply and become more effective. Your masks, serums, oils and creams will perform better on clean, exfoliated skin.

Aside from removing the build-up of dead skin cells which visibly dull the surface of your skin, exfoliation aids the removal of excess oil and dirt from your pores. This can help to reduce the number of breakouts and allows your skin to be deeply nourished and hydrated by your other skincare products.

Regular exfoliation also stimulates circulation which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients available to your skin. As well as aiding your skin’s natural ability to restore and replenish itself, exfoliating will improve your skin’s clarity and tone and brighten your complexion.

Natural Instinct’s Invigorating Facial Scrub contains finely crushed walnut shells, a natural exfoliator which will buff away dead skin cells, refining and smoothing the surface of your skin. It also contains the powerful antioxidant Kakadu Plum which is the richest natural source of in Vitamin C on the planet to brighten your complexion and improve skin clarity.

How often should you exfoliate?

Generally speaking you should aim to exfoliate anywhere from one to three times per week after cleansing, but it does depend on the product you use and the needs of your skin type.

If your skin is oily your dead skin cells will shed less easily, so you could exfoliate three times a week. Start with once a week and slowly build up to three. Regular exfoliation is also important for people with dry skin, but as your dead skin cells shed more easily than those with oily skin, twice a week is sufficient. If your skin is sensitive, it is best not to exfoliate more than once per week otherwise you could risk increasing your skin’s sensitivity.

What ingredients can help exfoliate and detoxify your skin?

Exfoliators fall into two categories, mechanical – such as our Invigorating Facial Scrub which uses finely ground particles from crushed walnut shells to gently buff away dead cells, or chemical which usually include Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) or Beta Hydroxy Acid to lift away dead cells.

One of the key ingredients in our natural facial scrub is Safflower Seed Oil. Safflower Seed Oil has naturally high levels of linoleic acid which improves skin texture, health and clarity. Linoleic acid works with the sebum in your skin to unclog pores and regenerate skin cells, giving your skin a younger, healthier glow.

Our Invigorating Facial Scrub also contains Sesame Seed Oil which is also rich in linoleic acid, along with antioxidants, and vitamins E, B-complex and D. Sesame Seed Oil has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin’s layers, enabling it to repair damaged skin cells and reduce the visible signs of ageing. It has detoxifying, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Should you exfoliate dry skin?

Yes. While you may not exfoliate dry skin as often as oily skin, dry skin still requires exfoliating and detoxifying to remove dead skin cells which accumulate on the surface. Dry skin is in particular need of hydration and nourishment which your Natural Instinct moisturisers, serums and oils provide. Exfoliating dry skin up to twice a week helps the penetration of your hydrating and anti-ageing products, increasing moisture levels and giving your skin a youthful, dewy glow.

Simply wet your skin and apply a small amount of Invigorating Facial Scrub to your fingertips. Apply to the face and neck, massaging in gentle, circular motions. Do this for one to two minutes, then rinse thoroughly before applying your Natural Instinct daily moisturiser or night cream.

Natural Instinct Invigorating Facial Scrub
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