What is the best way to cleanse your hair?

Your choice of shampoo and the frequency with which you cleanse your hair can make quite a difference to its health and vitality. To achieve a beautiful head of strong, glossy, vibrant hair it is best to cleanse with a natural, gentle shampoo.

Natural Instinct shampoos contain no harmful chemicals so they are gentle and safe for the whole family to use, even those with sensitivities. Our shampoos are made from plant-based ingredients bursting with nutrients to strengthen and protect your hair, leaving it supple and glossy.

Cleansing your hair with a shampoo best suited to your particular hair type is also important, which is why Natural Instinct offer a choice of plant-derived shampoos ideal for gently cleansing normal, colour-treated or dry, damaged hair.

If you have normal hair or your lifestyle means that you need to shampoo your hair often, our Daily Hydrating Shampoo is the best option for you. It has a hydrating and rebalancing effect which restores softness and shine to normal hair.

Our award-winning Moisture Surge Shampoo provides intense hydration to dry, distressed hair, creating healthy hair shining with vitality.

If your hair is colour-treated, our deeply nourishing Protect and Revive Shampoo contains a colour preserving formula to protect your coloured hair from fading.

What shampoo can help cleanse coloured hair?

Specially formulated for coloured hair, our Protect and Revive Shampoo gently cleanses your hair with a colour preserving formula containing replenishing natural ingredients. Jewelweed Extract will protect your hair from harmful UV rays which cause damage and fading. Ultra-moisturising honey extract will penetrate the hair shaft and bind it with moisture. Organic Coconut Oil is rich in lauric and linoleic acid and cleanses while infusing your hair with rich proteins boosting healthy growth, volume and shine.  Soybean Extracts are also there to provide a protective film on the hair shaft, which smooths and seals fly-away hair.

The combination of these nurturing ingredients, helps to gently and naturally cleanse fragile coloured hair while preserving the colour and protecting it from fading.

What shampoo will help make my hair shiny?

All of Natural Instinct’s shampoos are free from harsh sulphates and soaps which strip your hair of necessary natural oils leaving it dull and lifeless.

Our shampoos are infused with essential oils to add moisture and shine to all hair types, so all you need to do is pick the shampoo for your hair type. Dry, damaged hair shafts tend to be rough and lack lustre. Our award-winning Moisture Surge Shampoo, specifically formulated for dry, damaged hair is a good choice if your hair lacks shine.

Moisture Surge Shampoo contains many luxurious ingredients which replenish and add body to dry, distressed hair. It will gently cleanse and hydrate while protecting your hair from damage and dryness caused by styling tools and harsh Australian conditions such as heat and humidity.

Moisture Surge Shampoo is infused with the Honeyquat Moisture Complex, Coconut Oil and Cedarwood Atlas Oil, which penetrate deep into the hair shaft with moisture binding qualities to increase smoothness and subsequent shine. Cedarwood Atlas Oil is also known to help relieve dry scalp conditions such as dandruff and dermatitis.

Our Daily Hydrating Shampoo is also formulated to increase shine. It contains Argan Oil which is a powerful antioxidant rich in Vitamin E, effective in promoting shine and gloss for softer, more manageable hair. Like the Moisture Surge Shampoo, our Daily Hydrating Shampoo also contains Honeyquat (conditioning honey).

What shampoo can strengthen and smooth my hair?

Washing with shampoos that contain harsh soaps and sulphates, exposure to harsh conditions such as the Australian sun, frequent styling with hairdryers or straighteners, colour treatments, poor diet or medical conditions can all contribute to weakening your hair.

Looking at your diet and other lifestyle choices is as important for healthy hair as is choosing natural haircare that does not contain any man made chemical nasties such as PEG’s, parabens, sulfates, silicones etc.

If you have normal hair but it is prone to breakage, our Daily Hydrating Shampoo uses the ‘Plantapon Cleansing Complex’ and Hydrolysed Wheat Protein, both of which are rich in moisture and protein to repair and restructure the hair, improving its strength and delivering stronger, smoother hair.

Dry hair will become stronger and smoother after using our Moisture Surge Shampoo which contains many natural, luxuriously moisturising ingredients.

If your hair is colour treated and subsequently fragile, our Protect and Revive Shampoo is designed to provide protection from external factors which can further weaken your hair and cause the hair shafts to be rough and lack smoothness and shine.

Choosing the right Natural Instinct shampoo for your hair type will help to strengthen and smooth your hair leaving it glossy and shining with good health.

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