Why should you use conditioner?

Natural Instinct’s shampoos will gently cleanse your hair while the conditioners will help to detangle it and provide protection and nourishment to create strong, beautiful hair.

Using a conditioner helps to reduce hair breakage and prevent fly-away hairs. The botanical ingredients in Natural Instinct conditioners provide your hair with the important proteins, oils, essential fatty acids and vitamins necessary for healthy hair. They improve hydration levels and seal the cuticle so that your hair is protected and noticeably smooth and shiny.

What conditioner can help protect coloured hair?

Natural Instinct Protect and Revive Conditioner for Colour Treated Hair contains a UV anti-fade, sulphate-free system specially formulated from natural ingredients to protect coloured hair from environmental damage and fading caused by UV rays.

Using the Protect and Revive Conditioner in conjunction with the Protect and Revive Shampoo on your colour treated hair will infuse your hair with nourishing plant extracts such as a natural bio-lipid complex extracted from soybean. Rich in linoleic acid, Soybean Biolipid Complex will intensely condition your hair and provide a protective film to seal split ends, reduce fly-aways and smooth cuticles.

What conditioner will help make my hair shiny?

As well as nurturing your hair, conditioners act on the cuticle, smoothing and sealing it which creates a shiny finish.

All our conditioners are created from botanic sources which are deeply infused with hydrating nutrients to relieve dryness – the natural antagonist to shiny hair. They are also enriched with natural proteins and vitamins to replenish and strengthen your hair. This helps promote the appearance of shiny hair.

The ingredients in our range of conditioners are specifically chosen to provide intense hydration, moisture and protection which is why you will see glossy hair with abundant body, bounce and shine when you use our products.

Nourishing botanical sources contained in our conditioners include:

  • Honeyquat Moisture Complex with intense moisture-binding capabilities
  • Organic Coconut Oil – high in fatty acids, Lauric Acid, Vitamin E
  • Cedarwood Atlas Oil – relieves dandruff
  • Argan Oil – rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E
  • Wheat Protein – helps to retain moisture
  • Soybean Biolipid Extract which contains Linoleic Acid, smoothing and hydrating properties
  • Plus many other hydrating and conditioning essential oils.

Choose the right Natural Instinct conditioner for your hair type:

The Daily Hydrating Conditioner will provide intense conditioning to hydrate and detangle normal hair leaving it smooth, strong and shiny.

Our Moisture Surge Conditioner contains many nutritious, plant-derived ingredients to restore shine to dry, damaged hair. It hydrates from root to tip, so your hair is smooth and silky.

Using the Protect and Revive Conditioner for Coloured Hair will restore your hair to its former glossy, healthy state with deep hydration and an infusion of essential nutrients.

What conditioner can strengthen and smooth my hair?

Free from soaps, sulphates, synthetic chemicals, animal derivatives and artificial colours and fragrances, all of our natural, nourishing conditioners will provide what your hair needs to be strong and silky smooth.

Dry hair is generally weaker than normal or oily hair, and as such is prone to breakage and more easily damaged. With this in mind, our Moisture Surge Conditioner has been specially formulated to provide intense moisture and conditioning to dry, damaged hair. With a sulphate free formula, it will strengthen and smooth dry hair using Honeyquat Moisture Complex system and Coconut Oil along with Cedarwood Atlas Oil to restore shine and provide texture and body.

Normal hair will be deeply conditioned, becoming stronger and smoother from regular use of the Daily Hydrating Conditioner along with the Daily Hydrating Shampoo.

Coloured hair will benefit from the protective, strengthening and smoothing plant-based ingredients found in the Protect and Revive Conditioner for Colour Treated Hair.

Selecting the right conditioner for your hair type is the best way to ensure your hair receives the specific nourishment it needs to bounce and shine with good health.

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