Louise’s 6 Week Challenge Journey

Louise - After the 6 week challenge
Louise - Before the 6 week challenge

LOUISE – Uni Student

Oily, Acne Prone Skin

“I used to have painful acne and was often embarrassed. I’m beyond impressed with how well these products have worked for me. I feel so confident with how my skin looks. Smooth, glowing & even! Words cannot express how happy I am to have found products that actually work.”

Louise - After the 6 week challenge

Louise – a Uni student struggling with breakouts & scarring for the past 3 years, had tried many different skincare products in the past, but says she “didn’t realise the damage it was doing as they were full of synthetic chemicals”.
One day, her friend suggested trying Natural Instinct, which led to her joining the 6 Week Natural Skincare Challenge. Ever since then Louise hasn’t looked back!

Week 1, Louise said “so far I’m loving everything! I cannot wait to see how my skin turns out after the 6 weeks!!”

Throughout the following week she noticed her scarring from existing pimples were fading and her skin began to feel smooth, which she had not experienced in a long time.
After just 2.5 weeks Louise began to notice her makeup glided on flawlessly. Knowing that her breakouts were caused by stress, she made a conscious effort to use the routine to calm down and destress, especially at the end of the day.
The routine encouraged mindfulness during her very hectic days.

The end result – Louise felt her skin was smooth, glowy, less blemished and she was confident to go make-free!

Louise's post

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